Sunday, March 6, 2016

Painting Parties

(Not my image. Found randomly on internet.)

I have always loved painting. Water colors, acrylics, even oil painting once (Bob Ross lessons).

These days, painting parties are all the rage! Most of them are of the "paint and sip" variety and involve alcohol. I personally don't like restricting who can come to my paint parties. I conduct mine at a locally owned coffee shop! This way anyone from 14 to 80 can come and enjoy an afternoon of painting.

There was one point in time I had considered going to school to be an art teacher. I was afraid I'd end up being the "let me do it, you're doing it wrong!" kind of teacher, so it never happened. I have thankfully learned how to instruct people on how to paint though!

I started my paint parties November 2015 after my sister told me about one our office had taken her to. I thought, "This is so simple, why hadn't I thought of doing this?! I'm totally going to do this myself!" So I did. I even started a Facebook group to share our results and invite people to join in.

So far I've have one painting per month. There were a couple slow months this winter, but we are getting better advertising now, so hopefully things will pick up! I'm actually planning a second one for this month as I type this (March 2016). Below are pictures from all my previous lessons.

Nov '15


 Dec '15


 Jan '16


 Feb '16


 March '16 - 

We did two that month.


April '16



June '16


August '16


September '16


October  '16

January '17

February '17