Saturday, March 14, 2015


I've been commissioned to make masks several times over the last few years.

I have my clients give me example pictures of what they'd like and we go from there! I did work for a local community college drama department, but more recently I get orders for high school dances.

I like to make masks that they will enjoy wearing and can then turn around and hang them as beautiful works of art!

This is my latest His and Hers matching sets.

Older Works. Anything with my watermark is 100% my work. the rest is work I had to finish from someone else's concept.

Antigone Play: Just a few examples.  For this one, I was a secondary hire. The original artist bailed on the director, so I got to finish up!

Cinderella Play: I was given basic concepts from the director but allowed to do my own thing for the most part. I really wish I had better images of some of these, or the masks themselves! Unfortunately, the box of masks were stolen from the drama dept.

Misc. Dances:

His and Hers matching set

Crochet Fun~

I've been learning how to crochet for about a year now. These are just a few of the items I've put together.

I love free form crochet! Free form can be anything from abstract shapes to simple things like flowers, leaves, etc. See pic above. This was me practicing different shapes.
There are 3 kinds of leaves, 5 different flowers, and an acorn!

I've also made several sets of matching headbands and gloves, even one set with booth cuffs.

In a recent post ,  you can see the different kinds of octopi I've made. :) So cute and easy!

I'm now working on mug cozies! The base cozy is adjustable with the closer bauble being removable.
I'm planning on selling these with matching bookmarks.  I've made one in nearly every color so far!

Peterson-Day Wedding

Another co-worker hired me for her wedding this last summer. They had an awesome prop photo booth everyone was able to partake in. Made for some great fun shots!
My good camera's battery died right after the ceremony!! I had my back up camera with me, but something happened with it and the pictures are grainy. :(

Hyde Family Photos

I was finally able to do a family photo session this last fall!
One of my good friends from my day job hired me to do her family photos.
They were great to work with!