Sunday, February 15, 2015

DIY Shabby Chic Boho

I was lucky enough to snag a pretty nice old headboard off the Facebook Classifieds for my area.

Came with just the headboard and a Hollywood frame.

I'm liking all this shabby chic furniture I'm seeing everywhere, but wanted to do my own spin on it.  I added a touch of boho to it, and this is my project!

I used 2 tutorials to get my project on it's way.
1. DIY Chalk paint. Using baking soda
2. DIY Antiquing wax.

Baking Soda Chalk Paint:
2/3 cup Paint
1/3 cup Baking soda
apx 1/10 cup water
Mix water and baking soda first.  Then stir in your choice of paint! I have Behr samples floating around, so that's what I used.

Antiquing Wax:
2/3 cup wax. I used Minwax finishing paste
2 tbsp. dark paint. I mixed acrylics in several colors and ending up just black.

I liked this Tutorial for the application process.

Vintage headboard. Had some over drilled holes I filled with matchsticks and wood filler. Trimmed excess off and sanded smooth as I sanded the whole frame.

I didn't really need a basecoat..I just wanted diff colors to show through as I distressed the piece.
Chalk paint:
Layer of Purple. Added a couple places of accent Orange and covered that up with a light grey. Most of the spindles were just light grey over the bases darker grey.
First Sanding:

Antiquing wax:
I tried to apply this to where dust and such would naturally settle. Worked in sections and wiped off excess as I went.

I added another coat of plain wax after this part was done. I was dumb and didn't sand the whole thing after the final coat of chalk paint. This caused bits of rag to keep getting stuck on the surfaces as I tried to buff off the excess wax.
To fix this, I just sanded everything!! I actually like how the botch-up turned out.
Nearly finished!