Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boho Kitchen

I decided to buy a smaller table for everyday use in my dining space. I found this sweet lil thing for a whopping $15 at a yard sale!
It's solid wood, reasonably sturdy, and can fit a leaf if we find/make one for it. It just happened to be spray painted black like the hutch I got at a yard sale last year!
We have a huge stocky table from my sister and it was overwhelming the dining area. It will be great for holidays, so it's put away for now. :)
I've had these chairs for...6 yrs? now. They were so ugly, but function-able! I decided to fix that.
Side by side
 I used one of my rubber stamps to do the medallions all over the chairs. The rest is hand painted.
Back details
Seat details
Leg bar details
(I need to build a frame to cover gaps of heat vent -_- Some day I will!)