Friday, April 25, 2014

Loving Lilacs, Making Jelly

I am blessed to have 4 varieties of lilacs growing around my home. Dark purple, normal, double bloom normal, and white. I love plants that have many uses. I prefer everything I grow to be one: beautiful and 2: edible and/or medicinal.
Lilacs, come to find out, are edible!! So not only to they look and smell lovely around my home, I can enjoy adding them to the table.
I plan on making many yummy things with them. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to edible flowers and I hope to get around to making at least most of the recipes!

I just made Lilac Jelly tonite!

I wasn't sure how to quite go about it. I hope they turn out well. All the jars are currently cooling.
I used 80z jars and filled them with the lilac blooms. I topped them off with boiling water, sealed with lids, and let set for 24hrs. One recipe called for 3 1/2 T of pectin per jar....Tried that on the Light batch..and I think it was too much. I reduced it down to 1 1/2 T for the other two batches.
My lilac liquid wasn't quite 1 cup each, so I topped them off with chardonnay, the darker one: half red wine-half chardonnay.
Inspiration recipe

These are shots of the lilac water before I added anything to them.
The dark is a nice wine purple, the light is a gray/purple, and the white is a light yellow.

 Here is the color change after I turned them into Jellies!
The Dark turned a lovely shade of Wine, the Light turned Pink-ish!, and the White turned a lovely Yellow.


 With lovely Jellies like these, I can't wait to have my own personal little Tea Party!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stromberg ~ Cortez wedding

A friend from work hired me to do photos at her wedding I was happy to finally get a chance to see what I could do!
 I made all 3 Burlap wreaths, painted the "Guest Book Sign", like 4 dozen coffee filter flowers, made a few other items not pictured, and helped decorate the space.