Saturday, February 15, 2014

Steampunk Bathroom Dreams

It's tax time! In this house we just  bought, the bathroom and bedroom were the last thing anyone decided to update. It was all given a coat of white. The bedroom was given an Orange accent wall and the bathroom vanity was painted purple. That's it. I don't do white and the bathroom needs the update the worst!
I'm using Pinterest to brainstorm my lil reno. I wish I could make this update for lots less than what I know it will be..but we want a new faucet and light fixure. Certain things like the tiled tub surround, new shower fixtures, and new vanity will probly have to wait. I'll be checking out some second hand shops to try and find cheaper deals than buying it all brand new.
 Here is my pinterest board for what I'd ideally do to the bathroom: Bathroom revamp ideas= do-able

We'll see how much I can afford and accomplish. But for now, here are before shots!

We plan on painting everything a verify light grey with white trim.

Thinking of installing curtains to hide the mess on the shelves. I really don't feel like trying to take off all the glass baubles that are currently glued on.

(I have since been able to remove all glass baubles and glue so that I can repaint the medicine cabinet.)

The vanity and med cabinet will be painted one of the shades of gray.  I want to build a counter top extension to hid the litter box too. I've got some nice "antique" toothbrush and soap dishes to attach to the wall once its painted. It will help with our limited vanity space.

The mid wall molding will be replaced and moved down a bit to avoid the obvious issues it currently has..The "tile" on the walls will be painted 2 darker shades of gray in a nice vertical stripe. 

(Odd lil outcropping above shower..may put cool bottles and stuff up there.. definitely good art space on these walls!)

I want to paint a Compass Rose on the ceiling! I have super high ceilings tho. We'll see.

In process!! The nasty gouges in the sink are now gone. :)  I am using Rust-Oleum Specialty 11-oz. Metallic Copper Spray Paint for the sink and eventually the tub and surround. This is only a temp update till I can afford to redo it the way I really want.

The not currently replaceable shower fixtures are still drying. But they look sooo much sharper!  I'm using Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 12-oz. Protective Enamel Hammered Dark Bronze for these.

And, we've already made our steampunk towel and TP holders! They need a lil goo-gone to get the sticker goo and excess oils off before we install them. :)

More pics to come as I keep working!
Update: Beginning of March
Ripped off all the old molding and sanded down what I could.

Looks like this bathroom has been nearly every color of the rainbow!  There is a layer of pepto/baby pink in there too. 
Update: Week of March 17
Painted switches and outlet. Filled in the holes from the paint chipping. Sooo many layers of paint. Just too many to sand down and make look nice.

There was a big hole in the wall behind the light. Filled that in. We'll be making a new box for the new light to attach to.  The medicine cabinet sticks out too far to just attach the light to the wall.

Thermostat. Not in bathroom, but gave me something to work on while the wall patch dried. I'll make the temp #'s pretty later. Just needed them to be there for now.
 First coat of paint on tub! So nice looking.


 So hard to get this off me!! My hair was so gross. My ear still hurts from getting spray paint dust in it. And, I'm still sticky. Had to use the hose outside to wash as much as I could. It will be at least 48 hrs till I can use my shower again. (I'm on vacation this week just because I knew this would happen)

My window screen is now coppery.

Painting the shower curtain rod a nice Oil rubbed bronze. Will look nice. :)

First coat of paint done!


Vanity and med cab now match the walls!

Beginning of the stripes.

Painted the side of the tub. For now. Cause I can. and to cover up spray paint that went awry.

Stripes done! There are 3 shades of gray. It's hard to tell with the lack of light we have. Will attach new molding and paint all trim tomorrow.

Sometimes the tape causes the worst headaches. Will do touch-ups tomorrow.