Sunday, December 8, 2013

It Snowed!

This is the first snow in our new home. Had to get out and take some pics. :)  Since these were taken, I straightened up our "S" flag and filled my gold wire pumpkin up with fake christmasy flowers and put it back in that chair in the corner. 

Yule 2013

I made tree ornaments!  Since we bought out house, this will be the first year the hubby and I get to have a real tree! We're quite happy about it. Since we've never lived anywhere big enough to have a tree...I don't have anything to decorate it with..and ornaments are expensive. We're even going to have to use our purple and orange Halloween lights to light it up!
I used a simple salt dough recipe and stamps I never used.  Some inks didn't work so well with some stamps, but I'll make it work. I had just a tiny bit of dough left, so I made 3 mushrooms (they will need to be glued together), 2 dorky lil owls, and 1 small pentacle. 
I'm always working on adding to my Steampunk Xmas board on Pinterest.
 Please check it out!