Friday, July 5, 2013


I'm a fan of Greenwood Creations and all the wonderful work she does.
I've been inspired to make my own wood burnings and so I asked for a wood burning kit for christmas and my mother got me one!
It's a very basic kit. The pen itself has a tip you can't remove, one cone tip, and one tip you and slide plates with pictures into for stamping.
The main tip gets nice and hot...but is rather large and hard to work with. the cone....barely heats up at all.
They both carve more than they burn. The cone tip more-so.
But, it will get me started! Maybe the Hubby will get me a bit of a better set for my birthday or something. Hopefully. :)


 Left: Cork Mandala 2-3 hrs 

Right: Maple Lights witch plate -Octopus apx 8 hours. The eyeball is the screw and it looks so cool! I'll have to paint the other screw to blend in with the tentacle.

My hand hurts. :( Both are free hand drawings. They only took me so long because of the burners tips. You can see on both how they carved into the wood more than they burned. 
BTW, Cork is some tough stuff to start off with!

Update:...later the same day. 
My hubby loves me!! He saw my frustration with the wood burner I had and was a sweety and got me a new one! I now have a lovely Walnut Hollow set :) See it. It works awesome and doesn't make me mad! 
I went ahead and touched up the two pieces I had finished and one I was working on while he ran to the store. Also played around with an old spoon.

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