Sunday, April 14, 2013

Steampowered Fun!

So happy we came all the way to Everett to meet the guys! Got the whole crew (including miss Paige and Beth!) to sign their set list , my hubby’s shirt sleeve, and a cd. :)
We also got Abney Park to sign a cd and his other sleeve, and a couple free posters from them! Didn’t get a chance for a pic though.
So tired…So happy. We will def get to another of their shows someday!

A couple before the show pics. :) Courtesy of my new friend Muppet Molly.
 My hair was awesome..before it melted.

No clue what this face was for! But it's funny and my hubby is lookin hot. We were in the front of the line and good thing too. We were by fun people and we all kept breaking into song. Molly even acted out Capt Albert Alexander for us all!