Sunday, December 8, 2013

It Snowed!

This is the first snow in our new home. Had to get out and take some pics. :)  Since these were taken, I straightened up our "S" flag and filled my gold wire pumpkin up with fake christmasy flowers and put it back in that chair in the corner. 

Yule 2013

I made tree ornaments!  Since we bought out house, this will be the first year the hubby and I get to have a real tree! We're quite happy about it. Since we've never lived anywhere big enough to have a tree...I don't have anything to decorate it with..and ornaments are expensive. We're even going to have to use our purple and orange Halloween lights to light it up!
I used a simple salt dough recipe and stamps I never used.  Some inks didn't work so well with some stamps, but I'll make it work. I had just a tiny bit of dough left, so I made 3 mushrooms (they will need to be glued together), 2 dorky lil owls, and 1 small pentacle. 
I'm always working on adding to my Steampunk Xmas board on Pinterest.
 Please check it out!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tulle Witch Skirt Tutorial and finished pics

I was a horrible person and forgot to take pics while I was working! Granted, I was up till like 2 making this.

You'll want to make a simple tube skirt as your base. It's best to use a stretchy knit material. I bought about a yard so that I had extra just in case. Your fabric color should be one that doesn't distract from the skirt, in case it were to show through. I went with black. Black is great! It's also best to buy matching elastic. I went with a black 1in wide, none rolling elastic.

To make the skirt, wrap the fabric around your hips/waist. Pin to how you'd like it to fit. If your fabric only stretches one direction, make sure that stretch is horizontal. Makes it easier to get the skirt on and off.

Cut your elastics in 3 lengths. One just about an inch or two shorter than it is long enough to fit all the way around your hips (RED). So, measure it, and cut it about 2 inches shorter than that measurement. Stitch the ends together securely. The second piece (BLUE) is measured the same way. Take the elastic and measure only from hip to hip from behind. Cut about 2 inches shorter than that measurement. The third piece (ORANGE) is much shorter and is just for the bustle. It should only be about half the length as the second piece.

To attach the elastics figure out where you want the seam of the skirt to be. I wanted mine in the back. You may want a dress form or some other body for help on this part. I used a huge couch pillow. :)

Take the longest piece (RED) of elastic and slip it over the tube skirt you made. Situate it in the middle of the skirt. Hand stitch to the tube skit in for small places. Front, back, and each side (GREEN LINES).

 For the second piece (BLUE), place it halfway between the previous elastic and the top of the tube skirt. Stitch the ends and the center to the skirt.(GREEN LINES). 

For the last section of elastic (ORANGE), place halfway between that last elastic and the top of the skirt. You only have to stitch the two ends down on this part. It's the top-most and flufflest part of your bustle.

There you have your base!!

Now, as for the Tulle. Grab some string, scissors, and put on a movie!

I used string to measure how long I wanted each part of the skirt to be. How many strips of tulle you need depends on how big YOU are, or how full you want the skirt to be. I'm a big girl. There were 6 to 8 cuts of each length/color. I tied my tulle on as I cut it.

If you don't already know how to tie your tulle onto the elastic, it's called a Larks Head Knot.
Pic from FactoryDirectCrafts.

If you want a tapered skirt, there will be more work for you. I used the string to measure from where the elastic sat on me, to how long I wanted the skirt to be in the back. Add two inches to be safe and then double it. Roll out your tulle and cut. Do this till you have all the strips at the length that you need. If you want it tapered, take off a couple inches of your original measurement when you start another set of tulle cuts.
Keep doing this till you have the back part of the skirt filed on the bottom elastic.
Repeat for the next elastic, using shorter measurements again. And again for the top-most elastic. The top set should be the shorted of all 3 layers.
Move around to the front of the skirt. Measure from where the elastic sits in the front, to just above your knees. And just like the rest, add 2 and double. Cut enough strips of tulle to fill up the front!

Your skirt should be finished!!

Here are the pics of mine. :) I also took some tulle and spruced up an OLD walmart witch had I've had since high school. Pretty nice!

Skirt Back

Skirt Side

Skirt Front

Skirt Front Side

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY 'N Halloween

I want this for Halloween soo bad! I've got the corset already.  I just need to put together the skirt and fancy up one of my several witch hats.  I'm getting my tulle from The Tulle Shop. Great website and amazing prices! The black has been out of stock for over a month now, so mine will be dark purple, orange, kiwi, & black polka dots.

 Custom Size Orange and Black Feather Burlesque Corset Witch costume with Hat available in sizes small through 6xlCustom Size Orange and Black Feather Burlesque by Glamtastik

I do plan on making the back into more of a bustle skirt instead of just the one length. I won't make the boa though. I need an idea for a shirt to wear under the corset. Mine is a bit small for me nowadays and I plan to wear this to work, so I have to make it more modest.

I think I'll make a tutorial on how to do it too. I just need to pick up some nice elastic or wide ribbon and I can get started!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zombie makeup

I got a possible offer on doing some Zombie Makeup for a Haunted Train Event this October. I had to come up with some makeup jobs to show the guy. Hopefully he likes them!  It's for a caner fund raiser.